Awareness Session by Mrs. Veena Basu on Symptoms of Specific Learning Disabilities ( SLD ) & Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder ( ADHD ) with 90 Teachers from 4 Branches of Al-Mu'minah School held at Al-Mu'minah School, Masjid Bandar Branch. Date:- October 2015

Billabong High International School, Mahim ( Mumbai ) Workshop By Mrs. Veena Basu on Memory Enhancement for School Children. 100 students from 5th to 7th Standard were present there. Date: August 2015

Casa Bambino Montessori 70 parents & teachers at Casa Bambino Montessori , Breach Candy to attend Workshop on Managing Challenging Behaviours in Pre-primary children by Mrs. Veena Basu . Date: 27th October 2015

Workshop By Mrs. Veena Basu on Classroom Management at Billabong High International School, Mahim ( Mumbai ). Date: 14th September, 2015

BVerve is a licensed franchisee of BrainRx. Attended one week Cognitive Skills Training Program in Singapore on October 2014 to become a BrainRx license holder. BrainRx is an US-Based Company which provides intensive one-on-one Cognitive Skills Training Program worldwide.

BVerve believes that every child can learn to achieve. Learning HOW to learn, understanding personal learning styles, knowing strategies and study skills, and developing appropriate communication skills leads to an increase in self-esteem and confidence. This, in turn, promises success and a hope for the future.


We are glad to present the following workshops for Schools/Colleges/Organizations.


Please note that these workshops can be modified for parents/ students.


1. Developmental Milestones and Delays
2. Symptoms of LD in pre-primary children.
3. Understanding ADHD/ADD
4. Building motor skills in children.
5. Understanding Oral language and Building Oral language at Discourse Level
6. Understanding and Building Beginner Readers ability using Phonics
7. Handwriting
8. Understanding and Managing Challenging Behaviours of Children
9. Information Processing Difficulties
10. Understanding Specific Learning Disabilities
11. Reading Decoding
12. Strategies to develop Vocabulary
13. Strategies to develop Reading Comprehension
14. Spelling- Rules and other methods for developing spelling abilities
15. Creative Writing Skills
16. Study Strategies
17. Classroom Modifications for ADHD/SLD/SEN Children
18. Classroom Management for Teachers
19. Understanding Neuroplasticity and Brain Training and Practical Applications
20. Strategies to develop Memory skills
21. Understanding Psycho-educational Reports




Can be completed as independent study


Brief outline of the Schedule


  • Developmental Milestones & Developmental Delays.
  • Birth of the Field of LD and Understanding SLD
  • Co Morbid Disorder and Supporting Team for Learning Disability
  • Information Processing in SLD- Auditory, Visual, Tactile; Informal and Formal Assessment
  • Oral Language-Understanding and Phonemic Awareness
  • Reading Decoding
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Handwriting and Spelling
  • Written Expression and Study Strategies
  • Teaching Mathematics and Classroom/Group Management
  • Psycho-educational evaluation and Accommodations
  • Classroom Modification for LD children.
  • Understanding Cognitive Skills/ Understanding Neuroplasticity
  • Brain Training Programs- Brain Rx, integrated Listening Systems (iLS), PREP/Math/CoGENT, Edubrain
  • Individual Education Plan (IEP)
  • Using Assistive Technology for helping children with LD
  • Case studies and making Individualized Educational Plans (IEP)
  • Case Studies and Assessment.

Divided into two parts – 75% would be Lectures via powerpoint presentations, videos and activities.
25% would be internship in schools or remedial centers.


  • Pleasse send a mail for a detailed outline of the curriculum
  • Duration : 100 hours
  • Contact no.: 022-2354633 / 022-67492060 .
  • Email,
  • Eligibility : Graduates.
  • Auditing the Course:
    Individuals without graduation degree can enroll in the program too. These candidates will get a certificate of attendance and will not have to undergo final assessment. Candidate will not be eligible for the profile of a remedial educator
    ✔ Individuals interested in getting awareness about Learning Disability and extending their help
    to the community.
    ✔ Parents of Learning Disabled Children.

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