BRAIN Rx By Dr. Ken Gibson


BrainRx serves individual students with powerful cognitive skills testing and training. Through testing we create your child’s unique Cognitive Skills Profile. Then he or she is matched with a dedicated trainer to form your child’s personal Success Team. In this  supportive relationship, your child receives personalized cognitive skills training which is reviewed and customized during each session to match your child’s needs and maximize his or her progress. BrainRx’s methodology can guarantee specific results.

Brain Rx training looks at the following skills:


  • Attention: The ability to stay on task even when distractions are present.
  • Simultaneous Processing: The ability to handle more than one thing at a time.
  • Sequential Processing: The ability to link a series of input over time.
  • Planning: The ability to decide how you are going to solve a problem, make sure it gets done, check it for mistakes, and modify it if needed.
  • Processing Speed: The ability to perform cognitive tasks quickly which is an important skill for complex tasks or tasks that have many steps.
  • Short-Term Memory: The ability to store and recall small amounts of information about the current situation.
  • Long-Term Memory: The ability to recall information when needed that was stored in the past.
  • Auditory Processing: The ability to perceive, analyze, and conceptualize what is heard.
  • Visual Processing: The ability to perceive, analyze, and think in visual images. This includes visualization, which is the ability to create a picture in your mind


BrainRx Training Programs is a twelve- to twenty-four-week, intense, one-on-one and digital, cognitive training program that corrects and enhances learning skills.


Intense Sessions for Maximum Impact


BrainRx training provides 60-72 hours of one-on-one training in 12 weeks, and 144 hours in 24 weeks. There are two reasons for one-on-one training:


  • Feedback: When someone does something correctly, they are praised. When a trainee makes an error, he or she is made aware of it so that it can be corrected. Immediate feedback creates faster learning.
  • Sequencing: The programs develop from the simple procedures to the more complex. In addition, BrainRx programs are personalized to an individual’s deficiencies and needs. So the trainer designs the tasks to begin at a challenging level and then slightly increases the demand of those tasks to force the deficient skills to improve.

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